Buckethead, ninja masked of the guitars

Src:O Globo
(Rough translation of the article in Portuguese.Still you can make out the most.)

Much people thought that the high figure, of long hair, Japanese mask, lighted green eyes and a bucket of the chicken string I fry American Kentucky Fried Chicken threaded in head, esmerilhando one of the guitars of Guns N? Roses, was an enigma of easy solution.

- Strap the mask, Slash! - some bawled, in the vain hope of that he was the old friend of Axl Rose fantasiado for a ball of carnival in the lunatic asylum.

Nothing of this. Little people in Brazil know it, but Buckethead (or Head of Bucket) exists in the world of music has some years, always incarnating same persona: a musician with absolute control of the instrument - typical former-pupil of schools as the Guitar Institute of Technology, in the California - whose name and face nobody knows.

Since 1992 it he launchs disks as " Bucketheadland " and " Monsters & Robots " and records musics in sonorous tracks of cinema mixing rhythms electronic, funk and alucinados guitar ground. Before, in the beginning of the passed decade, Buckethead touched in a band of funk weighed called The Deli Creeps, that did not arrive to record. It enters its habitual friends of work are the producer Bill Laswell and members of the funk-gradual group Primus, as the stock exchange operator Les Claypool and the baterista Brian " Brain " Mantia, who currently also integrates Guns N? Roses.

Although to have lost the duel for the other guitarist-popstar of the Guns, Robin Finck - that " Calmness " arrebentou when touching, of Tim Maia -, it was impossible not to look at Buckethead in palco. It moves itself as a robot and has some mini-spectacles in the sleeve. In the show of the dawn of yesterday, it presented an exhibition of ability with a pair of nunchakus (that composite eastern weapon for two imprisoned metal cylinders for currents), a number of robotic dance and one guitar ground bluegrass, that current of country touched in banjos, homaging it will perhaps caipirão Kentucky that, who knows, could be its native state. Buckethead takes the serious a preservation of its iden