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"the emotion of this next song..its that all thats 'bout it.Its not like an intelligent song,it doesn't have the answer to anything but its the title track of the record that ,God willing,we'll finish"-Axl Rose before unleashing Chinese Democracy in the HOB concert.

"It's a lot of different sounds. There's some other really heavy songs, there's a lot of aggressive songs, but they're all in different styles and different sounds. It is truly a melting pot."-
Axl Rose

"There will be elements of blues-based things on the new Guns record. It's a very diverse record. There's a lot of hip-hop beats, there's straight-ahead rock".-
Axl Rose

"An unworthy electro-funk jam featuring a near-rap by Rose, the song fell flat and is probably a good example of the kind of electronic rock Rose has been working on for the past eight years. Altered from the version played in Vegas on New Year's, the song did not work in the context of an encore for a show of this magnitude " -Cdnow on 'Silkworms' in Rio

"Not only did Rose appear, but throughout the two-hour and fifteen-minute, 22-song set, he quite possibly reclaimed the rock and roll crown he abandoned eight years ago" - Cdnow 

"Another new track (the closest of the new efforts to the Use Your Illusion era), saw Rose hop on top of the piano where he sang the respectable rock ballad." -Cdnow on 'The Blues' in Rio

"Madagascar" followed, the best of the new tracks. A subtle electronic backbeat and keyboard-produced horn section propelled the mid-tempo ballad, which featured Rose lamenting, "I can't find my way back anymore..." before succumbing to a flood of movie and speech samples. If the new tracks maintain this level of aptitude, he won't need to go back anywhere." -Cdnow

"The live version scaled back the industrial feel of the recorded version and featured a heavy, crunching guitar line courtesy of Buckethead." -Cdnow on 'Oh my God' in Rio

"A run through of the tunes reveals that "The Blues" is a "November Rain"-style piano ballad, "Silkworms" is an electronica influenced opus, "Rhiad & The Bedouins" is an upbeat rocker with cool Zepplin-esque verses butaso-so "Oh Oh Oh" chorus. The best tune is the title track from the new album, a balls out rocker in the tradition of Use Your Illusion. "Madagascar" has yet to surface. In general, the live versions are definitely much more rockin' than one might suspect, and less industrial sounding than many feared." -Knac

They broke out a few new tunes including the previously released track "Oh My God," the new title track to the long awaited album, Chinese Democracy and a song entitled, "The Blues," which kicked some serious ass and was well received by the audience.-Knac

"About 10 minutes into their set, it became clear that the new GN'R is a rock and roll event of the sort that a lot of people (well, me, anyway) have been waiting for for a long, long time. Where the reigning rap-metal acts of the moment Korn and Limp Bizkit and their ilk get over quite successfully on murk and muscle and pure sonic wallop, the new GN'R with only one-month's worth of rehearsal (this was their second gig) already played with a passion and precision that's unlikely to be matched in any other quarter anytime soon." -MTV

"a gorgeous piece called "Madagascar," recalled nothing so much as the mid-period Beatles, with all their quaint little horn ornamentations. It also sampled the voice of the great, slain civil rights hero Martin Luther King." -MTV

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