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Page 1 Dead Horse
Knockin on Heaven's Door
Out ta get Me
You ain't the first
Double talking Jive
So Fine
I Used to love
November Rain
Paradise City
Live And Let Die
Page 2  Bad Obsession
Bohemian Rhapsody live
Its so Easy
Night Train
ReckLess Life
Perfect Crime
Back Off Bitch
Get in the Ring
One in a Million
Move to the City
Pretty Tied Up
Nice Boys
Page 3  Mr. Brownstone (Live)
So Fine Live,
Sweet Child of Mine,
Pretty Tied Up Live,
Live n' Let die Live,
Hair of the Dog,
Tom Petty and GN'R Live,
Human Being
Raw Power
Buick Makane
Page 4  SCOM by Sheryl Crowe
Oh My God,
We Will Rock You,
Don't Cry,
Used to love her,
You Could be Mine,
Right Next Door to Hell,
Civil War, 
November Rain,
Godfather Theme,
Page 5  Knocking on Heavens Door
Paradise City,
Sweet Child o' mine,
Down on the Farm