Slash Looking Forward To Guns N' Roses Release           28 Aug 2000


Slash told LAUNCH that he's quite happy in his current situation in Slash's Snakepit, and he hopes his former Guns N' Roses mate,Axl Rose, can get his act together and enjoy music again. Slash added of his estranged former bandmate, "Axl's brilliant. He's one of the overall best performer/singer/writer guys, in my book."

Slash has heard stories of Rose's perfectionist ways and of the delays with the new album. "I just wish he would get this Guns N' Roses record done so I can see what all this turmoil was all about" Slash told LAUNCH. "What was the point? Realistically, you have a situation where it was all centered around one person, you're like going, 'What is it you want to do so bad that you forced everybody out like that?' And so I just want him to do what it is that makes him happy, because he seems so fuckin' frustrated."

Guns N' Roses's next album is titled Chinese Democracy, and at this point there's no release date. Slash is ready to release his first album, Ain't Life Grand, on Koch Records on October 10.

Slash says Guns N' Roses ended way before its time. "You had pretty much a band that did everything their own way and got away with it, became really successful, had tons of fans, a real loyal following, and so on and so forth. All of the sudden it breaks up, but it was a systematic thing. First it's the drummer, then it's the rhythm guitar player, then it's me, then it's the bass player. It was so hard to keep that band together."

Darren Davis, New York

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