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Animated cursors + icons!
GnR wav sounds 705 KB only

 Dangerous Rock N' Roll GN'R Desktop Theme ver 2.1

  Theme Wallpaper







Guns N Roses Rock in Rio wallpaper from folha online!:Not a great one cos their're a few unidentified persons,but one to have cos' it is symbolic of the concert that lends GNR back the rock n' roll crown. 

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Winamp Skins

Whats a winamp skin?
Open your Winamp,press Alt + S ,Selecting an option from the list will change the look of your winamp!So you can have a GN"R skin or a britney spears skin and so on...
What we've got here are the more famous gnr skins on the internet.

  Our very own skin approved by winamp.com, featuring the original Appetite GN'R on the main window and Axl Rose on the Equalizer window.

Click here to go to the download page (153 Kb) .

 Download our skin and  More GN'R Skins.