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31 Aug :Guns N' Roses make surprise appearance at the VMAs!
29 Aug :GN'R at the Summer Sonic Fest and in Leeds,England
8 Aug :Chinese Democracy Release Date Sep 2?
8 Aug :Guns N' Roses Expand World Tour to Indonesia,Australia
8 aug :Slash Voted the 4th best guitarist ever!
2 Aug :GNR at this year's MTV Video Music Awards?
24 July : Leeds Festival gets the Go Ahead
16 July :Guns N' Roses to play London date

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Oh My God
Chinese Democracy
Rhiad and the Bedouins
The Blues 

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what are axls new tats of? [nt] By sweetness29  

By dani   

What is first video?
By jrma   

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Pic of the Week :Slash and the Gibson...

What's new:
1 Aug 2002 :
Chinese Democracy page is now re-running.

30 July 2002 The Poll on the left hand side and the 'Songs' Page are now working.

16 July 2002 Tripod has deleted many of our perl scripts for unknown reasons,due to which the following pages are not loading
Songs,Chinese Democracy,Song Discussion Board,Jukebox,the poll on the left hand side.

I'm working on alternative pages right now as i've lost the originals on my computer due to formatting of my hard disk by my vendor without  backing up files.

Expect the pages to be running within this week.

Added another cool wallpaper to Freebies.

Added the real audios of 'Civil War' and 'Pretty Tied Up' to songs.


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